Soundcloud support!

2013-04-25 05:13:58 by DJinside

Hello all!

I've started to use Soundcloud a short while ago, and i can surely need the support there, so if you like what i make support moi!

Full fl 10

2012-10-15 17:49:51 by DJinside

Finally i have the full version of fruityloops! no more unfinished unsaved files, no more ''leaving fl demo open for 5 days in a row to finish a project''. Its time to start producing, as a result I made 2 drum and bass loops! hope you enjoy it.


happyness survives

2011-03-18 10:32:53 by DJinside

heey peeps. made 2 new songs to make everyone a bit happier. hope you like it!

hi there!

2010-01-08 04:36:53 by DJinside

hi everybody.

the name is dj-inside...and im a new artist on NG.. i hope you like my appreciated!